Aspects of iPhone App Development Before Launch

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The iPhone App Development is an extremely complicated process that needs a lot of work and financial resources if you want to see it through. It is true that the return on investment can be huge and your app could go viral, thus making you thousands or even millions of dollars. It is absolutely incredible how the market has expanded so fast. Just in a matter of few years the virtual marketplaces for mobile applications seem to have boomed so fast that it is almost impossible to keep track. You can find an application for almost everything and this is why specialists in iPhone App Development are so well paid. Nevertheless, let’s take a break from the whole development process and imagine that you have gone through all the work and your app is ready to hit the shelves of the App Store. There are few things you would need to get done before that happens.


Before you submit your final version you would have to review the interface and take a close look at the App Store guidelines. Make sure that you follow those strictly because if there is a mismatch it is highly likely that your app submission request would get rejected. You also have to make sure that your human interface falls within the regulations of Apple’s guidelines as well, you can check them up and see if they are compatible with the guidelines for each of their products – the phones, tablets, watches and computers.

Afterwards you would have to add information in iTunes Connect. This is a web-based tool that you can use in order to present the information about your product that would be available for your clients in the App Store. It would preserve all the information about your application, as well as different versions and codes that you have uploaded with Xcode. Make sure to have done all this because Apple tends to be very strict regarding these matters.

The next step involves you verifying your Xcode Project. First off, you would have to review the configuration. All IDs must be properly synced and matched, make sure there is no difference. Use the same application ID to code sign the archive which you used for the iPhone App Development.

All of the above is rather shortened, but the main topics that need to be covered in order to properly submit your app for approval are there. After you have done all of this work you are ready to upload your final version of the application and submit it for approval. This is the end of the complex iPhone App Development process, and all you can do from there on is hope for the best. If the app is unique to the category and useful to users, or entertaining, you can be sure to get more sales. For more information, you can visit Appster


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