Opportunities Available for Mobile Game Developers

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More and more people are using smartphones in today’s world. The sales are sky rocketing. Ever wondered why the sales have suddenly become so high? One of the reasons is the advent of games. There was a time when we used to play those mini video games and now the scenario has changed, people are becoming tech-savvy, and the usage of mobile phones has increased because of the gaming feature that is being introduced. We all love to play games.

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People are using iPads or maybe tablets to play games as they offers convenience in terms of the size of the screen. A survey was conducted that showed that 19% of the market share of android and ios was occupied because of the gaming feature in the year 2009. And, since then the number has increased even more, it has reached to 58%, and you might not know this, game apps are on top of all the apps that are currently running in the market. The revenue that was generated in the year 2013 was almost around $8 million. And for the next year, it doubled. It is because of this reason that more and more people are entering into the business as a top Mobile Game Developer.

There is one common software that everybody uses for creating this game app, it is called the Unity. It also has an SDK there. If you are really looking for this software, it would be better to use the latest version of the same, which is Unity 4. It will help you a lot in making games. Also, it will take very less time for the game to be made. Moreover, the quality of the game that it offers is also very high. The advantage of using this software is that it can be used for both the operating systems, which are ios and Android operating system. You should also know about the features of Unity 4. Some of them are the use of dynamic fonts, real time shadows can be seen, the airplay is of a multi screen. These features help in making it easier and also more user friendly.

The market of top mobile game developers is full of scope; the market is growing at a rapid speed. In the IT sector, the mobile gaming industry is the most looked upon because of the scope it offers. A number of companies are coming out with good offers. Like that of Sony, it came up with its Xperia play, where we can play the games of play station easily. Another example is that of Microsoft, the phone of Windows 7 that it released, was a development in itself, as it could be connected with the Xbox 360 console. All these trends and developments have really helped the industry to grow. When we talk about international gaming, the audience that is present there is not only the youth. It also comprises of people of all ages, and it is also helping the top mobile game developers to grow. For the latest updates, you can visit us at Appster.


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