Understanding Native And Web Applications In Android Apps Development

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When you are creating an application, there are many considerations that come into play. One of them is the type of application you want to go for. When you are selecting the platform, you want to consider the motive behind it. In a case where you are developing software for marketing purposes, then go for web applications. For revenue generating ventures, native mobile applications can be a perfect choice. Investment and budget are two important things that you need to consider in this case. In a case where you are opting for a low investment option then start with the basic application.

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Native and Web Applications

Native applications are targeted for a particular device or an operating system. They are downloaded from relevant stores or inbuilt in a mobile when one purchases them. It has to pass the criteria set by an operating system to feature in their store. They can be availed with or without any active data connection as they are stored in the device memory. When you go for web applications, then a requirement of active internet connection is mandatory. When you choose them for Android Application Development, it can work across platforms that have active data connections in mobile.

Similar User Interface

When you are developing an application, the main focus should be the user. Most of the web and native applications depend on the user interface to score with its client. When you go for Android Application Development, decide whether it will be a user-centric or application-centric approach. When you look from the users point of view, there is little or no difference in the look and feel. In case you want to enhance the user base of your software then go for both versions.

Difference in Approach

The major difference, in this case, lies in the development process. When you go for native applications, there is a set standard of a software development kit that you have to download. In the case of web application, this criteria does not exist. When you are going for Android Apps Development for native version, there is a set of installations that you need to undertake as every operating system has a different configuration. As web applications take the help of web browsers, it can run irrespective of difference in the platform.

The Benefit of Native

When you consider accessibility and efficiency, native applications rule the roost. These applications are sorted on device memory and are compatible with the hardware and software. Access to other features like camera and gallery is unlimited. When you go for Android Apps Development for web applications, there are limitations as they may not be compatible with the hardware of the device. They can be slow at times owing to disrupted data access. The user may not be able to use these applications when they do not have active data connection. This rule, however, does not apply to the native application.


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